11:41 AM

Warning -- Whining Alert...

I apologize in advance, this post is me being whiny and complaining (but hey, I can do that, right?).

I'm debating Austin. I was incredibly excited about it; then, I got whatever bug has been going around and did absolutely nothing for a week. My longest run has been nine miles. I keep telling myself that I should be fine for the half. I can do this and I'll be glad that I did.

Here lately, I just don't know what my problem is. I cannot explain my lack of motivation. I should be excited about the new opportunities that I have...but, sadly, not so much. I just couldn't get moving this morning and missed Wills Hills. I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. I'm signed up for Take a Hike Ike tri in two weeks but I haven't been near a pool since October.

I know that I've been busy at work and had quite a few family obligations. But, I just don't feel like myself. Normally, I'm not a woe is me type person and I feel like that is all that this post is... "woe is me..." I just feel bit disorganized in life right now. I'm not working out as much as I should and my house is a mess with many unfinished projects. Oh, and I'm pretty busy at work (yes, I know that is a good thing). I just want to take a breath and cross some things off the to-do list. I need that feeling of accomplishment.

3:08 PM

Wills Hills

I finally made it out to Will's Hills. Boy, I was in for a real treat. Let's just say, I need to keep going back.
Oh, and yes, the hills in Austin are gonna kill me this weekend.

8:07 AM

I'm An Aunt!

Elaine Abigail Rosendahl
February 3, 2009
3:49 pm
6 lbs 9 oz (i think)
19 inches