5:17 PM

I am an IronMan


I'm still all smiles about the race. More to come... and I will post pictures soon.

11:29 AM

I'm Ready...

We leave today for Florida. My bag is packed; my transition bags are packed and labeled. I'm still amazed at how much stuff is necessary for this weekend. I think (hope) that I've planned for every contingency; however, I'm hoping that my planning is not necessary. The weather looks perfect for Saturday and the Gulf continues to be calm. Things will be good.

I'm thankful to have incredibly supportive friends and family. I know that I've neglected many people during the past few months and I'm sorry. I've been told that doing an IronMan is one of the most selfish things that a person can do. I now realize how true that is. Unfortunately, I think that James realized that much sooner than I did. That said, all will be over after Saturday. I just hope that me crossing the finish line makes this journey worth it for everyone. I've missed birthdays, dinners, nights with my hubby, and haven't cleaned much in ages. Instead, I've spent my mornings, nights, and weekends running/biking/swimming in circles. I've pushed my body to new limits, found new meanings of exhaustion and surprised myself at how quickly I can recover. I will stand on the beach in the best shape of my life and completely injury-free.

Saturday will be a good day. I know that I'll be in tears when I see James and hear my name being called. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water.

Oh, and yes... I am a "sponsored" athlete. Look for me wearing "official" Archer Solutions race gear...