9:38 PM

Garmin Rocks

My mom gave me the Garmin 305 for my birthday. I whipped it out today for the first time on my run. I ended up having a lot of fun with it. I have it connected to the computer and downloaded my run information. I'm impressed with the charts and the maps. I cannot wait to run tomorrow morning to see what a run around my neighborhood will look like...

Also of note today - I signed up for the Longhorn half ironman. I still cannot believe that i did it!

9:37 PM

Weekend Recap

So, it was the birthday weekend and I slacked a bit... no running. But - the Zephyr ride on Sunday was incredibly fun. I'm still jazzed that I biked 30 miles without a problem.

7:53 AM

Recap and Reevaluation

This week I've learned that I cannot simply jump back to the activity level that I was once at. Further, if I haven't been on a bike for more than an hour, a two hour bike ride is gonna hurt. On Monday, I was simply too tired to do anything and a bit unmotivated because the swimming lessons at the Y were cancelled (and some random teenagers were shooting bb guns at my car during the night - another story)...

Tuesday, I made it to the park but barely made one loop around. Last night, I ran a half mile then walked back to the car (while hanging my head in shame.

I don't know if this is simply a combination of increased exercise, work and life in general, but I'm exhausted. I wake up each morning at the last possible minute and have to run to get out of the house. At least the weekend is almost here (although, I'll be at the office on Saturday) and its my birthday.

Now, I've realized that I need to set a more realistic schedule for myself - take it down a notch until I'm back at that level again.

5:57 PM


This is about accountability and motivation. I'm posting my goals and progression to them for the world to see (or whomever stumbles across this page). If you see this and I haven't posted an update, please inquire about my progress. Remind me that I'm signed up for my first tri and am working to regain my fitness level and strengthen my mental fortitude in the process. Thank you.

5:51 PM

Bike Tan Rocks

Here's my first weekend recap:

Saturday - I ran about 5 miles or so. I'm still getting back into shape and am doing 9/1s for my 'long' runs. I did 5 sets before starting to officially walk and I'm pretty sure that I did hit the 5 mile mark as I stopped.

Sunday - Today was the longest that I've been on a bike EVER. A long ride was partially planned but then, I got lost. I braved the I-10 road work and headed to Terry Hershey Park. I did not know that Terry Hershey connects to George Bush - somehow, I found myself at Fry Rd. At that point, I noticed that I'd been riding for over an hour and turned around. Coming back, the headwind was brutal for this newbie biker. I'm quite pleased with my 2:20 bike ride. And, I have the strip on the back to prove it ;-).

9:32 PM

A (Small) Milestone

I'm still adjusting to my non-running self; however, I will still celebrate my accomplishments even if they seem a bit crazy (for being accomplishments). I made it around the park tonight without walking. Its odd, my usual definition of fitness is being capable of running 10 miles on a whim.
Total time: 28:48
Mile 1: 9:08 (i think it was a little short)
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 9:44

7:37 AM

I ran

One loop around the park last night for me. I'll admit - I did walk almost the last mile but that was because I started out too fast. Funny how your body knows what your 'normal' pace is. My first mile was 8:30 - I have no business running that fast right now.
Tonight is off to the gym and I will turn in my registration for swimming lessons.

5:27 PM

Put Down the Cookie.

The above was on the table in our breakroom. Why our vendors do this is more than I know. We work too many hours and sit on our butts all day. The last thing I need is a cookie.

But - I've done it:
1) Registered for the Memorial Hermann Women's Tri on June 22.
2) Filled out the form for swimming lessons at the downtown Y. Starting Monday, I'll be on the right track.

For the record, I failed at number 3 - I ate a cookie.

7:54 AM


This is me. I am a slug.

I cannot get out of bed in the morning. At night, I want to go home. Please motivate me. Or, is it really motivation that I need - maybe a swift kick in the ass.

10:18 PM


A friend once told me that decisions are really about cutting things out of our lives. Meaning, if you decide to do something, then that means that you remove anything from your life that gets in the way of that goal. This got me thinking - and put to use my college Latin class - decide comes from decedo which can mean 'to cut' or 'to move away from.'

I've decided that I need to focus on my athletic goals and, for once, actually take the steps necessary to achieve them. I need to not be lazy and to focus on the prize - both the physical and emotional one that comes from being disciplined and successful. Here's to accomplishment!