7:53 AM

Recap and Reevaluation

This week I've learned that I cannot simply jump back to the activity level that I was once at. Further, if I haven't been on a bike for more than an hour, a two hour bike ride is gonna hurt. On Monday, I was simply too tired to do anything and a bit unmotivated because the swimming lessons at the Y were cancelled (and some random teenagers were shooting bb guns at my car during the night - another story)...

Tuesday, I made it to the park but barely made one loop around. Last night, I ran a half mile then walked back to the car (while hanging my head in shame.

I don't know if this is simply a combination of increased exercise, work and life in general, but I'm exhausted. I wake up each morning at the last possible minute and have to run to get out of the house. At least the weekend is almost here (although, I'll be at the office on Saturday) and its my birthday.

Now, I've realized that I need to set a more realistic schedule for myself - take it down a notch until I'm back at that level again.


greyhound said...

Even if you start reasonably, the body will rebel for the first week or two. You will adapt. Hang in there.