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A friend once told me that decisions are really about cutting things out of our lives. Meaning, if you decide to do something, then that means that you remove anything from your life that gets in the way of that goal. This got me thinking - and put to use my college Latin class - decide comes from decedo which can mean 'to cut' or 'to move away from.'

I've decided that I need to focus on my athletic goals and, for once, actually take the steps necessary to achieve them. I need to not be lazy and to focus on the prize - both the physical and emotional one that comes from being disciplined and successful. Here's to accomplishment!


June said...

Welcome to blog land!!!

And you know just in your first entry, you mentioned something that I have been thinking myself..actually blogged about it at some point I think...

Cant wait to meet you!!!

Tiggs said...

Hi Cassie, it's Cassie! Welcome to blogland!

I swim at the downtown YMCA. I was totally freaked out/nervous about it at first, but I forced myself to call up and get some lessons there and now I go and swim by myself. I took 2 weeks of intermediate lessons with Hector. He is really great- a super nice young man and very helpful. I recommend him!

Cass said...

WHOA! I have comments. That's exciting!