7:54 AM


This is me. I am a slug.

I cannot get out of bed in the morning. At night, I want to go home. Please motivate me. Or, is it really motivation that I need - maybe a swift kick in the ass.


June said...

Next Tuesday.



Memorial Park loop.

Be ready.

Tiggs said...

ha! I was about to say the same thing as June.

I'm in base building mode right now, so I'm up for a loop anytime. Starting June 9, I'll be running on the short track in the park on tues evenings and around the large loop on Thursday and long run on the weekend early am. If you wanna come, you're welcome. What's your long run pace?

also- my next tri is May 11th. It is a super sprint- 200yd/8mi/2mi. Have you done a tri before? This one would be great for a first one. It's the shortest one around here all summer and all female. Do you have a bike?

What's your email?