9:53 AM

Memorial Hermann Sprint Tri

Improvement is a wonderful thing... I decided to race simply to determine whether I've improved since last year. Granted, I realize that its kinda hard to see improvement on such a short course; however, it was good so see a faster time.

The Swim - 300m
NEVER again will I do a pool swim. Granted, I didn't flip out this year but I didn't feel like I swam well and was not at all comfortable in the water. The woman in front of me was swimming breast stroke and was only a hair slower than me. When I passed her, she was on my heels and did pass me, then she slowed down and I couldn't pass her (or else she'd sped up again). The entire swim is just disorganized and makes me nervous.

2009: 7:50.5
2008: 9:21.2

T1 2009: 2:04
T1 2008: 2:16.9
I must practice transitions! There is no reason that it should take me 2 minutes to put on bike shoes and a helmet...

The Bike - 10mi
The 10 mile course was relatively uneventful. However, I could definitely tell that I did a long run on Saturday morning and home improvement projects all Saturday afternoon. Seriously, nothing exciting on the bike. The only frustrating part was not having anyone in my age group around. Not that I'm trying to place in my AG but its nice to be able to pass people.

2009: 30:25.5
2008: 31:09.6

T2 2009: 1:42.3
T2 2008: 2:05.5

The Run - 3mi
Again, those 11 miles from Saturday came back to haunt me and the heat was miserable. During this stretch, I only saw one person in my age group and was pleased to pass her. Just hot and uneventful. In retrospect, I wonder if I was pushing myself enough on the run; however, I was done for the rest of the day. Also, I was surprised to see just that many people walking on the run course.

2009: 27:51.9
2008: 28:39.2

2009: 1:09.54 (11/38)
2008: (15/23)

8:54 AM

I will not live vicariously

This week I've been watching quite a few of my friends get ready for Ironman Cour d'alene. (I know that I spelled that one wrong.) Its pretty exciting to see everything that they've done to get to this point. This all makes me want to do this even more...
That means that I need to get in all my workouts. For some reason, I can get up early to run; however, I cannot do the morning bikes. My plan for next week is to start going to the Thursday morning bricks with Houston Racing. That way, I'll be meeting people. I think that might be my problem: no accountability but to myself. Anyone up for 515am bike rides on Tuesday?
As an alternative, I think that there is a way to link an online training log to my blog... maybe I need to do that.

8:34 AM

To Race or Not? (or Why You Cannot Be Cheap and Do Triathlons)

I'm "supposed" to do the Memorial Hermann sprint tri in Sugarland on June 28 but I'm now debating. Sure, I'd like to race - the only way to improve your racing is to race, right? I'd like to return to my first tri to measure my improvement. (Last year, this was my first ever tri and I flipped out 25m into the swim.) But, I haven't registered. I don't REALLY want to spend the money. These races get expensive and with IMFL a possibility, I don't want to spend a lot of money on the smaller races. (See, I really am being considerate to my wonderful husband.) Oh, and its a pool swim and I loathe pool swims - granted, I've only done the one but I'm not too jazzed about doing another one. I'm not too sure what my time would be for the 300m and I'd have to do a time trial in the next day or so... hmm... decisions...

9:37 AM


1) Go see The Hangover. Be prepared to laugh and laugh a bit more. If you see it at Edwards Greenway you will likely be the oldest person there (yes, this is me saying this...). The audience was full of college kids and a TON of frat boys that were out in mommy's mercedes.

2) When using spray-on sunblock, be sure to evening apply.

3) Don't wear cheap flip-flops and try to walk down hard wood stairs. Nasty bruising will likely occur.

10:57 AM


Its just Thursday and I could barely get out of bed this morning. This week hasn't been that strenuous but I do think that my body is still adjusting to the "new" training schedule and the extra (or more quality) workouts. My proposed schedule has me hitting each sport twice during the week and once during the weekends and as my runs and swims are coached, they have been of a higher quality. That said, I missed by bike ride this morning. I just couldn't get out of bed to do it. ARGH!! Hopefully next week will be easier. Now, I'm contemplating skipping my off day scheduled for tomorrow for an easy bike ride. Since the ride is simply to get some time in the saddle, I think that I'll go for it.

2:27 PM

A Balancing Act

We all have our list of things that we want to do before "x" age. As I get closer to my 30 mark, I've eliminated the unimportant markers (like owning a Jag - why I wanted this, who knows) and only two major markers remain - an ironman and having a baby. Obviously, the two don't really go well together and it will be far easier to do the former before doing the latter. That said, I've been thinking about IM Florida in November. As of last week, the work conflict was removed and the only thing holding me back was the training (and the related time commitment).
This past weekend, I pulled out the Beginner Triathlete full IM training plan and started making my own. Depending upon what happens over the next six weeks will determine what we (James and I) decide for the race. I cannot do this without his full support and understanding of the time commitment. In discussing my initial schedule (which has me doing 4 weekday pm workouts and long bikes and runs on the weekends), he was a bit concerned about losing every weeknight and chunks of the weekend. I'm going to have to adjust and get as many workouts in during the early morning hours (even though I loathe pre-dawn biking).
How do people with spouses, children, and full-time jobs do this? I'm having problems just balancing my work and my wonderful husband. I suppose you learn to embrace the AM even more and learn how to push yourself (rather than always training with a group). I think that I will have to learn how to ride by myself and find some safe routes that are not 60 miles from my house. This is all possible, right? I can do this...