9:53 AM

Memorial Hermann Sprint Tri

Improvement is a wonderful thing... I decided to race simply to determine whether I've improved since last year. Granted, I realize that its kinda hard to see improvement on such a short course; however, it was good so see a faster time.

The Swim - 300m
NEVER again will I do a pool swim. Granted, I didn't flip out this year but I didn't feel like I swam well and was not at all comfortable in the water. The woman in front of me was swimming breast stroke and was only a hair slower than me. When I passed her, she was on my heels and did pass me, then she slowed down and I couldn't pass her (or else she'd sped up again). The entire swim is just disorganized and makes me nervous.

2009: 7:50.5
2008: 9:21.2

T1 2009: 2:04
T1 2008: 2:16.9
I must practice transitions! There is no reason that it should take me 2 minutes to put on bike shoes and a helmet...

The Bike - 10mi
The 10 mile course was relatively uneventful. However, I could definitely tell that I did a long run on Saturday morning and home improvement projects all Saturday afternoon. Seriously, nothing exciting on the bike. The only frustrating part was not having anyone in my age group around. Not that I'm trying to place in my AG but its nice to be able to pass people.

2009: 30:25.5
2008: 31:09.6

T2 2009: 1:42.3
T2 2008: 2:05.5

The Run - 3mi
Again, those 11 miles from Saturday came back to haunt me and the heat was miserable. During this stretch, I only saw one person in my age group and was pleased to pass her. Just hot and uneventful. In retrospect, I wonder if I was pushing myself enough on the run; however, I was done for the rest of the day. Also, I was surprised to see just that many people walking on the run course.

2009: 27:51.9
2008: 28:39.2

2009: 1:09.54 (11/38)
2008: (15/23)


Jeff & Heather said...

Nice job Cassie! and a huge improvement on the swim! I hate pool swims too. Getting excited about Couples? I am!!