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I'm a little late on this one; however, this year officially begins in February for me. Considering that I'm starting a new job on Monday (the 1st), its only appropriate that I start all other resolutions at the same time, right??

I have a feeling that this year is going to be good and filled with exciting changes. A new job, bigger goals, hopefully additions to the family, an addition to the house (fingers crossed - if you know a good contractor, please send him/her my way), and more... So, here's my list of what I want to accomplish/change this year:

Athletic Goals

  • 6 hour half IM
  • 22 minute 5K
  • core work 2 times per week (at least)
  • weights 1 time per week (for next 3 months; then increasing to 2 times/week (at least))

Professional Goals

  • 2200+ hours (and really, I have through the end of January 2011 to do this)
  • join an HBA committee (oh, and join HBA)
  • develop a business contacts list
  • attend one networking event every 8 weeks (at least)

Financial Goals

  • open a money market account (or other high yield savings) - HELP here maybe!
  • eliminate all credit card debt
  • establish savings account for anticipated expenses (i.e., vet, car maintenance, birthdays, weddings) -- also will help to prevent credit card use

Personal Goals

  • cook dinner 2 times per week (at least)
  • take lunch to work 2-3 times per week
  • limit eating out to 2 dinners per week (and continue to decrease)
  • learn to make cashew candy (this incredibly tasty marzipan candy that we had in El Salvador)
  • finish Little Mermaid and train cross stitch projects

General Goals

  • become less judgmental
  • see myself as others see me

The "General Goals" are the terrible ambiguous type goals that cannot be quantified or ones that you don't really know when they are achieved. I'm happy to put these goals out here and use the blog as a public checklist. With regard to the athletic goals, those might not happen this year. I'm going to work towards them; however, other things may take a priority.

10:56 AM

10 Things

I was tagged a few days ago and am finally getting this up (or any posting for that matter).

In no particular order, 10 things that make me happy:

1. James (aka The Hubby or My Number 1 Fan)

I just love him - enough said. We are both incredibly lucky to have each other and it amazes me how happy he makes me.

2. Family

My mom and granny are fabulous. I am also fortunate to have fabulous in-laws. How else does an only child suddenly have 4 sisters and a brother? Its pretty nifty. And, I can't forget darling Elaine (who will be one next week). On the occassions when she is happy to be with me, she is the cutest thing ever (and even when she's not happy, she's pretty darn cute). Plus, she's a reminder of what James and I hope to have in the near future.

3. My Home
I like pulling up into the driveway and seeing the new red door of "our" house. (technically, it belongs to us and Chase; however, the thought of the mortgage does not make me happy). Also, it is the place where I belong - its more than the building - its where my life is. 4. Being an Adult
Yes, its odd; however, its the realization that my life isn't what I thought it would be - its better. And, because of that, I've had experiences that I wouldn't otherwise have had - most recently, it was a trip to El Salvador.
5. My Dogs

At times, they drive me crazy but I do love them. Edie (the big brown one) is special in her own way. Molly (aka crack dog or Molly-Dog) has grown on me. I love snuggling with her in front of the fire or while in bed reading a book. In fact, she's sleeping on the bed next to me as I write this.

6. Reading

According to James, I'm more of a collector of books than a reader. I'll read them all - it just takes me a while and I won't read them in the order in which they were purchased. I've grown up around books and I like that our office is covered in them. I also like that it was James that made these awesome book shelves. (as an aside, if you don't already own power tools, it is NOT cheaper to make book shelves rather than buying them.)
7. My Friends

I am lucky to have so many good friends - people that I trust and know will be there for me. I have the friends that I have known for ages and that are like family (mainly sisters here). I also have the newer friends that I might not know as well; however, they are very good people that I hope to know better. I have undergrad friends, law school friends, high school friends (with whom I hope to reconnect), work friends, tri/running friends, and the how do I know you again friends. Regardless of the group and how well I actually know the person, I know that all of these people will be there for me. Its reassuring to know that whenever I have a problem, I know that I have a friend that will be there to listen. Or whenever there is a need to celebrate, a friend will be there.
(sorry ladies, but you know i LOVE this picture... its not that revealing.)

8. Being an Athlete

I've never wanted to define myself as a runner or triathlete; however, I am and there is no reason to deny that. I run to make myself feel better; I run because its fun. In being athletic, I've had great experiences and get to spend time with friends. Oh, and because I'm an athlete, I've been able to swim in lakes formed by volcanic craters (see number 4).
9. Coffee (and Wine and Chocolate - especially when combined with # 7 and/ or #1, good weather and a patio)

I'll admit it, I run/exercise to eat. It make me happy to share a bottle of wine/coffee/food with friends. Even better yet is sharing something that I've made. I'm not an artist; however, I feel like one whenever I can cook and bake.

10. Accomplishment

Hard work and dedication do pay off. I've always been goal-oriented. Its not the goal itself that is what matters - its accomplishing what I've set out to do.

So, now the fun part of tagging people.... I'm supposed to tag 10; however, I'm lazy... (and not really sure who to tag...)
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