8:54 AM

I will not live vicariously

This week I've been watching quite a few of my friends get ready for Ironman Cour d'alene. (I know that I spelled that one wrong.) Its pretty exciting to see everything that they've done to get to this point. This all makes me want to do this even more...
That means that I need to get in all my workouts. For some reason, I can get up early to run; however, I cannot do the morning bikes. My plan for next week is to start going to the Thursday morning bricks with Houston Racing. That way, I'll be meeting people. I think that might be my problem: no accountability but to myself. Anyone up for 515am bike rides on Tuesday?
As an alternative, I think that there is a way to link an online training log to my blog... maybe I need to do that.


Kelsey said...

I think I saw you running at Memorial on Tuesday. I've starting running again, but it's WAY too hot. And I'm getting a bike!