5:51 PM

Bike Tan Rocks

Here's my first weekend recap:

Saturday - I ran about 5 miles or so. I'm still getting back into shape and am doing 9/1s for my 'long' runs. I did 5 sets before starting to officially walk and I'm pretty sure that I did hit the 5 mile mark as I stopped.

Sunday - Today was the longest that I've been on a bike EVER. A long ride was partially planned but then, I got lost. I braved the I-10 road work and headed to Terry Hershey Park. I did not know that Terry Hershey connects to George Bush - somehow, I found myself at Fry Rd. At that point, I noticed that I'd been riding for over an hour and turned around. Coming back, the headwind was brutal for this newbie biker. I'm quite pleased with my 2:20 bike ride. And, I have the strip on the back to prove it ;-).


greyhound said...

A good start. Nice. Windy riding isn't easy for the non-newbies either. Takes mental strength.

Just be sure to sunscreen that lower back.