2:55 PM

Sprained Ankles Suck

So, why is it that only DAYS before Longhorn I roll my ankle while diligently doing my 30x30s this morning? Sure, I probably should have went to the park where the lighting was better - but, I wanted to take advantage of the rolling hills in the neighborhood. Seriously, where else in Houston can you get hills right outside your front door? ARGH!

All this after a great final training weekend. I rode a portion of the course with Heather and Penny. I felt great and the hills weren't that bad; it was a huge confidence booster. Now, I'm hobbling around the office in flip flops and grabbing a ice pack.


KCWoodhead said...

R.I.C.E. that sucker!!!

Don't let it shake your confidence. It is early in the week, you need to be tapering anyway, and if you don't lift a finger between now and then you will still be good to go.

greyhound said...

Been there and done that. Before my marathon PR, actually. Do what Kathleen said and keep your head up.