9:52 AM


Our lives are filled with various gadgets and devices that are supposed to make us more productive - email, internet databases, blackberries, and even the garmin with a heart rate monitor. Do these things actually make us more productive and happier. Note, I'm writing this entry while researching an issue on Westlaw. My search terms produced over 100 results and, likely, I'll look at most of them even though the first document likely gave me all the information that I need.
Every day we use various devices and, at times they just seem to weigh us down. As I've bumped up my running regime in 'preparation' for the Copenhagen Marathon (mainly to see if its even an option), I've found it sometimes harder to run with the garmin. For the past two nights, I've ran without a watch. I've really enjoyed my runs without the constant distraction of knowing my pace, mile times, and heart rate. I catch myself still looking at my wrist throughout the run - in fact, I let myself look knowing that there is nothing there. Just me and my ipod (I can't give up all devices) making the loops through my neighborhood. Just a pleasant evening... Oh, it would even be nicer if I didn't have the blackberry stuffed down my sports bra (ahh... the joys of being on call...)


Kelsey said...

Honestly, that's one of my favorite things about backpacking.