11:41 AM

Warning -- Whining Alert...

I apologize in advance, this post is me being whiny and complaining (but hey, I can do that, right?).

I'm debating Austin. I was incredibly excited about it; then, I got whatever bug has been going around and did absolutely nothing for a week. My longest run has been nine miles. I keep telling myself that I should be fine for the half. I can do this and I'll be glad that I did.

Here lately, I just don't know what my problem is. I cannot explain my lack of motivation. I should be excited about the new opportunities that I have...but, sadly, not so much. I just couldn't get moving this morning and missed Wills Hills. I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. I'm signed up for Take a Hike Ike tri in two weeks but I haven't been near a pool since October.

I know that I've been busy at work and had quite a few family obligations. But, I just don't feel like myself. Normally, I'm not a woe is me type person and I feel like that is all that this post is... "woe is me..." I just feel bit disorganized in life right now. I'm not working out as much as I should and my house is a mess with many unfinished projects. Oh, and I'm pretty busy at work (yes, I know that is a good thing). I just want to take a breath and cross some things off the to-do list. I need that feeling of accomplishment.


KCWoodhead said...

Cross the Austin 1/2 off your list when you finish on Sunday. That will give you a feeling of accomplishment. I've only run a 10 mile long run in the last month.

Kelsey said...

I totally know how you feel. I'm in a huge funk because I feel so worthless. I hope that Austin makes you feel much better! I'm thinking about you!

Jeff & Heather said...

You're lucky I didn't see this before now. You would have gotten a stern talking to for "debating Austin" I know you had fun and are glad you did it now.
I think it's ok to be kinda blah at this point, especially after you trained hard for Houston and had to miss it. I bet getting back into training will help, especially bike rides and poolsharks.

Amy said...

Hi Cass,

Thanks for the note on my blog about the Zephyrs. I'll keep an eye open for them on the forum.