8:52 AM


I had a fabulous half marathon in Austin - 2:11! This completely surprised me. I ran by heart rate the entire time and averaged 175 for the entire race. I had no idea how I would finish. Best of all, I beat my time from the Houston have by a minute and a half! And, this was a much harder course (you know, Austin has hills).
After that great race, I want to start training again. My first impulse was to do the half (or quarter) at Lone Star; however, I later found out that I had a conflict with the race date. Well, my all or nothing mentality then said, "hey, why not do a full this year. You can still get a community fund spot for IM Florida." Now, a review of my work calendar reveals docket call on the Friday before the race. Maybe that will change in the next month or so (or at least before the community fund spots are gone). It is doubtful that we will know in advance (but maybe!). Well, since IMFL was coming on the books, I started gearing up for a half at Gulf Coast. Then, we realized that ticket prices to Denmark are about $300 cheaper if we go before before the end of May (we'd have to be gone the weekend of the half). ARGH!! are the triathlon gods telling me not to race?


lindsay said...

Wow! Good for you!

Planning to run Houston next year? I'm signing up for Fit and use it as my wedding weight loss plan.

Kelsey said...

You are one impressive lady, Lady.

I hope you manage to find another fun race!