10:18 PM

Brick in the 'Hood

I absolutely love my neighborhood. Where else in Houston do you get rolling hills (well, small ones - but definitely hills) and just a great sense of community. (And yes, this is all inside the loop). With daylight savings time in effect, there are many more people outside at night. Tonight, there were casual adult bikers, parents with their little kids biking, people at the park, dog walkers, a man with his infant, and a few runners. While making my loop through the neighborhood, it was great to see all the people out and about. It was a great ego boost to see the kids who were just learning to bike watch me pass with looks of amazement. I'm out there on the aero bars with the fancy shoes and those funny looking shorts having the time of my life (seriously - fun ride tonight). Then, put the bike in the garage, chatted with the hubster while I put on running shoes, and I was out the door again. On the run, I got a few strange looks from people that had seen me biking. One of my neighbors (who was biking) asked, "Didn't you just get off the bike?" Ahh... what a lovely night.

Then, I came inside, fixed dinner and settled into watch my DVRed Biggest Loser. This week's challenge was running the half marathon. Can I tell you, I'm just glad that none of the contestents beat my time for Sunday. Is it weird that I'm that person - the one that would be concerned by that?


Kelsey said...

Yeah, so almost all of them beat my time. Sigh.