4:03 PM

I'm Registered

Truth be told, I'm looking for a HUGE PR and think that its possible.  For my first (and only) HIM at Longhorn in 2008, one could say that I was undertrained.  Truthfully, I was untrained and Heather, Kim, and Ingrid will confirm this fact.  Prior to the race, I did one 50 mile bike ride, two hilly rides of about 30 miles each (and complained the entire time), one brick, minimal open water swims, and maybe swam 1600 meters in a workout twice.  Considering that, I was pretty darn happy to finish in just over 8 hours (46 minute swim; 4 hour bike; 3 hour run). 

Now, I'm biking and running better than ever.  Deep down, I know my capabilities.  My goal is to push them to the max on race day... I'll post the numbers as we get closer to race day.


Steve said...

Woohoo! You will rock that course!

Excited for you!