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West End Ride

Yup, just a little behind here - but, I wanted to make sure to post this...

On Thursday, Kathleen, Kim and I did the West End ride for the first time.  In passing emails throughout the day, we all thought that we'd be dropped like nothing else - which kinda happened when we were stopped at every light through downtown.  In all - it was a fun ride...

Perhaps the funniest part of the night happened at a red light in the med center.  I'd been having problems clipping in with my left foot so I decided to try the right.  As we were waiting for the light to change, I inexplicably started shifting to the left and, in slow motion, fell.  There was a 60ish year old lady and her son in the car next to me.  The look of horror on her face was funny (in hindsight).  The window slowly rolls down and she asks, "Baby, are you okay?  How far do you have left to ride? You must be exhausted."  Someone told her that we had about 10 miles left.  "Oh, my! That is crazy.  That poor girl is exhausted.  Baby, are you gonna make it back.  10 miles is a long way."  As I picked up my pride, I smiled and said that I was fine.  The whole thing still makes me laugh.

Oh, West End ride, Black Betty (my road bike), thanks you.  She's been feeling a bit resentful as she's been confined to the trainer in the living room.  After that ride, I'm taking off the clip on aerobars and bringing her back to her glory days as a road bike.  I even cleaned her drive train last night -- good lord she needed it.

Kathleen, Kim and I after the "epic" 18 mile ride


KCWoodhead said...

It was fun! Glad to hear yuor road bike is coming back out!