11:04 PM


Just a few thoughts -

1) Lesson of the week (well maybe decade) - discretion.  In an effort to maintain my lesson, I won't discuss.

2) Austin Marathon - 4:15:00 - a HUGE PR for me.  And, seriously, who runs a marathon and hits their goal time exactly...

3) Work is good - LOVE the new job.

4) To become a faster runner, you must run with the fast peeps.  I've been doing this on Saturdays with the Knuckleheads... will have to post splits at some point (whenever I really do update the blog).

5) Its time to go to sleep.  Hopefully I can get my lazy @ss out of bed and on the trainer in the morning.

6) Margaritas make a trainer ride go by faster.  If all rides were like tonight, I'll start doing tequila shots before races (and yes, dead serious).