1:29 PM

Remind me...

I'm just having a minor freak out... I'm doing a HIM in just over two weeks and I don't think I'm really trained...

- I didn't do my long run this weekend.
- The Good Friday bike ride in Brenham was fun but really didn't seem like training.
- I didn't do a long bike the weekend before last.
- I haven't worked out at all the last 4 days... maybe this is the one that is scaring me...hmmm.... 

Here's the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tonight - hard bike ride on the trainer followed by a 3-4 mile run through the neighborhood. 

Thursday - hard swim with Del in the morning and Tour de Bayou + in the evening (10-11 miles)

Friday - Lake Sharks (haven't been in a wetsuit since IMFL)

Saturday - Gateway to the Bay Sprint Tri (I'm registered as an Athena and am hoping to place); I will likely try to get in an easy run on Saturday afternoon/evening

Sunday - bike at race pace in Galveston - this will be interesting... i'll training is now being done on the road bike...