8:31 AM


I just read June's blog this morning and her comments on the topic of weight loss. Like everything, its about choices and deciding what is important. I've been making an effort to make better choices and actually eating more often. Hopefully I will have good news to report at the end of the week.


June said...

I went weeks without weighing the first go round and will do so again this time.

The scale is your enemy for the most part. As women our weights fluctuate too much and can really sabotage our eating cause we give up if we dont see the scale move.

My advice is to not weigh, but maybe once a week, or less often if you can stand it.

greyhound said...

Good advice from june

Also realize that as you lean down, replacing fat with muscle, you might actually weigh MORE for awhile, even though you are slimmer and leaner. A better indication is how your clothes fit and how you feel.